Studio Chayel ~ *photography*

This Studio is dedicated to our little pug pups  Bo and Lala.  I lost them to my condition.  They are each with their new owner.  This has never left my heart, having to lose your precious babies to illness.  Abba Father take us by our right hands and lead us through difficult times. ( I have wept for them and still do)


This photography is for sale only!    It has taken me hours and years of patience, travelling, working late hours to edit from camera RAW to file. Should you like to purchase these pictures, they are placed on canvas frame.

img_4430raw testing     img_2894img_1702

img_7453rosegarden26img_1870 IMG_3547RAW TESTING IMG_7915UmkLodge

img_1894   img_2124 IMG_6661goatshed

img_2913     img_1732 sdfg

img_7426sunset2stone     img_1900 dtkk

img_3207test water     img_2139 IMG_4246RAW TESTING

img_1784   20151225_192511 IMG_5243chocolatier IMG_5971bkfeutterflyworld IMG_6565Flowers rainIMG_5068rfhfKleinwaterfal

IMG_4654Studio Floral Apiycrt


Flamingos at Flamingo Flei, (wetlands) Cape    Old Cape Cottage   Lagoon in Langebaan

Cape   Weaver Building Nest  Cape   Tree in Garden Taken through a square frame of the garden wall, Italian Style Home in Kwa Zulu   Thunderstorm moving over the hills of the

Underberg in Kw Zulu Natal    Bluegum Trees near Mamre Cape    Cape White Eye in our garden Cape    Grapevine in Autumn Cape   Water Drop, took over an hour and a half to capture.    West Coast Nature Reserve Cape   Old Oak Tree enclosed with board walk  Cape   Sunset on Atlantic Ocean Cape   Iron Pot Planter   Main Beach in Table Bay

Cape White Eye fledgling being fed by its mother in our garden   Hay Bales on a Wheat Farm Cape   West Coast Nature Reserve with may seagulls    Roses in our Planter would love to know their name   Chocolatiers Garden Franschhoek Cape    Brown-Veined White Butterfly of South Africa, which immigrates to Madagascar      Delphinium in Cape  Roses in Franschhoek   Gerberas, my favourite – this one shadow tests in my studio