Abuse, emotional and physical Part I

It is with conviction, that I share on this very sensitive subject.  I have come across many infants, babes, children, youth, adults and aged who have somehow been victims of abuse.  Across all the earth in the human race, no matter where you are or live. So many people suffer from emotional instability, even if … Continue reading Abuse, emotional and physical Part I

Rejection and ONE who loves

Many weeks ago I was meditating on the rejection and suffering that YaHUShA went through.  I thought very deeply about it and could count so many ways He suffered.  Let's walk through this together.  I pray this speaks to your heart as you walk with the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit.  May He give you more … Continue reading Rejection and ONE who loves

Second update to the dream 1986, 7th January

  Today while studying the end times, I came across  scriptures, which so far, best describes what was the "very big huge and tall building" - being destroyed.  It appeared to me that the "very huge and tall building"  was symbolic of the whole structure of  "Babylon government and kingdom of the enemy."  Here are … Continue reading Second update to the dream 1986, 7th January