Chayel’s Abstract Art

102-0298_IMG  Table Mountain  103-0315_IMG





Cast Iron Wood Stove

20190115_152129 Windows and Doors

103-0330sold_IMG    Shore to Shore

102-0291_IMG    Desert and Sea Scapes

103-0321_IMG.JPG    Areal View Flower Farm

103-0316_IMG    Tree Trunk Transversal

102-0299_IMG    Warm Ocean Sunset

103-0314_IMG    The Potter’s Wheel 103-0325_IMG     Per Request a lover of Red and Blue Colour

DSC00435     Hand Crafted Key Holders per Request as Wedding Favours for my Daughter  2010

20190115_152654Our Wedding Invitations

every single one was handmade


20190115_152155.jpg Birthday card I made for my Dad