Waiting upon Elohim – Practical

      photo:  unsplash.com   Waiting upon Elohim, Abba Father, is not always easy for many of us. It requires: availability, obedience, patience, concentration and never ending determination. He sees our hearts and just how desperate we are to move on and constantly ask Him to work in us. How many of us require … Continue reading Waiting upon Elohim – Practical

Preparing for His calling and work in the body

We need to be taught by the Set-apart Spirit,  who we have become after responding to our walk in Jesus our Messiah.  Being obedient in our calling to follow Him,  working on a process of change and newness of life is the goal.  Working through our salvation with fear and trembling.  To each of us … Continue reading Preparing for His calling and work in the body

The Blossoming Almond Tree

The Blossoming of the Almond Tree Consider the meanings of Almond Hebrew Strong's  8245 shaqad #8245 shaqad {shaw-kad'}     שָׁקַד 1) to wake, watch, awake, be alert 1a) (Qal) 1a1) to keep watch of, be wakeful over 1a2) to be wakeful, wake (as mourner or sufferer) The actual word Almond shaqed means the same … Continue reading The Blossoming Almond Tree