Chayel Hall has a desire to encourage those who are brokenhearted and have no purpose in life, while in her past has encountered much pain, lonliness and searching herself.  She came to know YaHUShA Jesus as her Messiah and Saviour in 1975 and later served in the children’s ministry as a worship leader.  Learning of her Hebraic Roots in 2003 she came to the understanding of studying the full counsel of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.  Chayel is not a teacher or a preacher, she merely shares her heart and her experiences.

She loves nature and recognises the importance of preserving it.  Good humour and fun is always added to her day.  Chayel is a busy wife, mother and a grandmother and spends much time in reading and occupational handwork. She lives with her husband in South Africa.