Waiting upon Elohim – Practical





photo:  unsplash.com


Waiting upon Elohim, Abba Father, is not always easy for many of us. It requires: availability, obedience, patience, concentration and never ending determination. He sees our hearts and just how desperate we are to move on and constantly ask Him to work in us. How many of us require change somewhere – where we are at. Our family, work, education, responsibilities, lifestyle and more. BUT, why not begin with : ?
I have been in a place of dry desert. I want to learn more. I was sharing a portion of my struggles with someone and I asked a question … just one question? It was a personal question that I did not know if I would get a response from them at all. How many of us are having struggles?? ✋🖐I raised my hand twice 🤨🧐 yes, that’s me. I am going round in circles and had enough. Some are in pain, very ill, in grief and trying to come to grips. Others are so lonely and ask if G-d is paying attention to their cries. More are without work or money. OR if you are struggling along and question YaHUShA Messiah, why are many who have not obeyed – just getting along just fine. Don’t be deceived. It appears they are doing great. We are all going through some kind of phase.
I was given a questionnaire that helped me immensely. It helped me to see myself. It is very helpful and informative. I am going to leave the link for those of you who would like to look at what insight it gives you.
I will impart some of my experience at the soonest. In the process, I am praying for all of you, that He, who is our Mighty Elohim, is able…
Ephesians 3:14 – 21 For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Master YaHUShA Messiah, 15 from whom all fatherhood in the heavens and earth is named, 16 in order that He might give you, according to the riches of His esteem by power, to be strengthened in the inner man, through His Spirit. 17 that the Messiah might dwell in your hearts through belief – having become rooted and grounded in love, 18 in order that you might be strengthened to firmly grasp, with all the set-apart ones, what is the width and length and depth and height, 19 to know the love of Messiah which surpasses knowledge, in order that you might be filled to all the completeness of Elohim. 20 And to Him who is able to do exceedingly above what we ask or think, according to the power that is working in us, 21 to Him be esteem in the assembly by Messiah YaHUShA unto all generations, for ever and ever, Amen.
Blessings 😍
LINK: https://www.16personalities.com/

FURTHER:  12 September 2019

I recognised my strengths – which I did not know how to work with and two of my weaknesses helped me understand why I had struggled. My goodness, there is a lot of wisdom behind this. Imagine having a tool box and not knowing what half the tools can do to help you. Or having a jewel box and never knew you had a key. Abba Father has helped me to further understand myself. 🗝🚪You often hear people say, I am in the corridor waiting for Him to open the door. Praise Your wonderful Name YaHUShA, You truly set this captive free in another place. Now the healing begins again. He is constantly healing us, in as much as we surrender to Him. I am always looking to change and changes from our Creator are healing. On His road to healing. What stops Him from changing us? Maybe our comfort, fear, habit, reservation, absence, stubbornness, routine and so on. I am sure this makes more sense and we walk on with Him. I have ordered a book that was recommended to me and as I walk further on this ancient path with my Saviour and King I will share my experience of healing. I trust Him to take me out of my comfort zone, and accept that His Will be done in me. Only as we yield, He moves on with our growth. My prayers for you and blessings 🦋🍃🦋

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