Rejection and ONE who loves

Many weeks ago I was meditating on the rejection and suffering that YaHUShA went through.  I thought very deeply about it and could count so many ways He suffered.  Let’s walk through this together.  I pray this speaks to your heart as you walk with the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit.  May He give you more insight into this awesome and powerful testimony.

One would think that YaHUShA had a wonderful birth, full of joy, good news and a miracle.  Yes, very definitely.  The three magi, or the three kings who came from the east, were very overjoyed to see the newly born Messiah.  But there was something very dangerous and life threatening to Him.  King Herod, who ruled over Judea at the time, who was not even a Yehudi, but from the Edomites, heard from the magi, that a King was to be born of the Yehudim.  He was puzzled, as were the people of Jerusalem.  He was born in Bethlehem and shortly after, His parents were warned, Joseph had a dream and the messenger of YaHUaH warned him that Herodes was about to seek the Child to destroy Him.  So they took Him to Egypt, to escape the premature death.  From birth they sought to have Him killed.

Throughout His life, everything that YaHUShA did was judged, scrutinised and mostly accused of acting wrongly.

He was watched all the time to see if He did healing on the Sabbath.  He was hated, disrespected, despised by many, accused of being of what He was not.  He had nowhere to lay His head and He still loved.  He was wanted when He was needed.  Are we not like that today?  When we are in trouble or need healing etc we suddenly run to Him in prayer, after weeks or months not even talking to Him.  He healed many and some did not show gratitude.  Do we thank Him for every single thing that He does and provides us with?  He is kind to the thankless and to the wicked ones.

Luke 6:35  “Rather love your enemies, and do good, and lend expecting none in return.  And your rewards shall be great, and you shall be sons of the Most High.  Because He is kind to the thankless and wicked ones.

He was challenged and tested. His very own biological family thought He was going mad and wondered why He was doing and saying the unheard of things and wanted to know who He really was.

Mark 3:21 And when His relatives heard about this, they went out to seize Him, for they said, “He is out of His mind.”

He was scorned and mocked, made low and of no significance.  They tested and tried Him constantly.

The fullness of time had not yet come and He had to keep away from the City, Jerusalem as He knew that His enemies were waiting to kill Him.  They plotted against Him and tried to work out a way to make Him confess He was not the One from The Father.  He confounded  them answering in parables, to all their scheming questions.  How often He wanted to gather the children of Jerusalem, as a hen would gather her chicks under her wings, but they would not know Him and love Him.

Mattithayu / Matthew 23:37  “Yerushalayim, Yerushalayim, killing the prophets and stoning those who are sent to her!  How often I wished to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chickens under her wings, but you would not!

One of His followers, who walked with Him daily, gave Him up for silver coins.  Exactly 30 pieces of silver for the innocent Son of Elohim.  During the Last Supper, the last meal He shared with His followers and disciples, YaHUShA said …

Mattithyau / Matthew 26:21 And while they were eating, He said, “Truly, I say to you, one of you shall deliver Me up.”                  and then verse  25 …

Mattithyau / Matthew 26:25  And Yehuda (Judas) – he who delivered Him up – answering, said,  “Rabbai, is it I?”  He said to him,  “You have said it.”

All that time YaHUShA knew that Judas would betray Him.  Yet He never said once to Judas please leave us and stop following us around.  The disciples were concerned that each of them could be the possible betrayer.

He was lonely and not one would pray with Him when He was in the Garden suffering the agonising thought of being tortured and not one of His followers were willing to pray with Him, but rather slept.
Mattithyahu / Matthew 26:40 And He came to the taught ones and found them asleep, and said to Kepha, “So, were you not able to watch with Me one hour?

He wanted rather to not to take part in this cup of suffering. His sweat became like great drops of blood.

Luke 22:41 – 44   And He withdrew from them about a stone’s throw, and falling on His knees He was praying,  42  saying, “Father, if it be Your counsel, remove this cup from Me.  Yet not My desire, but let Yours be done.”  43  And there appeared a messenger from heaven to Him, strengthening Him.  44  And being in agony, He was praying more earnestly.  And His sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground.

Then a crowd, appearing suddenly, armed with swords and clubs, were with the chief priests and captains of the Set-apart Place as well as the elders.  He said to them …

Luke 22:52  And YaHUShA said to those who had come against Him, the chief priests and captains of the set-apart Place and the elders,  “Have you come out as against a robber, with swords and clubs?

He was made equal to the rebellious ones around Him.

Yeshayahu / Isaiah 53:12  …  and He was counted with the transgressors, and He bore the sin of many,

Judas betrayed Him with a kiss,  as he said the One I kiss,

Mattithyahu / Matthew 26:48  And he who was delivering Him up gave them a sign, saying,  “Whomever I kiss, it is He, seize Him.”

Then they seized Him and all the taught ones left Him and fled.  All the ones who followed Him, said they loved Him.  How sad that they chose to leave Him at the time that it was no longer ‘safe’ to be in His company. What would we have done?

They treated Him as though He was a blasphemer.  They spat in His face and beat Him, and others slapped Him.  They hit Him and asked Him to prophesy who was the one who struck Him.  The chief priests and elders of all the people took counsel against Him, so as to put Him to death.  Early that morning they bound Him, took Him away and led Him to Pontius Pilate,  who was the Roman governor of Judea.

Pilate’s wife told him to have nothing to do with that righteous Man as she had suffered a lot that day, because of a dream she had of Him. The crowds demanded and insisted for His blood. Pilate washed his hands in front of the crowd saying “I am innocent of the blood of this Righteous One. You shall see to it.”

Luke 23:21 But they were calling out, saying, “Impale! Impale Him!”

They traded Him for Barabba, whose name meant “pure and clean” as well as “Son of the Father.”   They  stripped Him and whipped Him with 39 lashes with a Roman whip.  The Roman whip had a handle 46cm long, about 18in, it was what they called in Latin a “Scourge” – “to flay the flesh”  made out of 9 leather straps or thongs, about 6 to 7 feet long, almost 2 meters long.  On these straps they attached round metal balls with spikes on them or bones and pieces of wire and dried clay … which caused His skin to split open all over His body.  The whip wrapped around His back and torso.  Then they ripped it off.  They beat Him till He could not stand.  They put a purple robe on Him and mocked Him bowing down saying to Him,  “Greetings, Sovereign of the Yehudim!”   They took off the purple robe and put on His clothes.

Yeshayahu / Isaiah 50:5 – 6  The Master YaHUaH has opened My ear, and I was not rebellious, nor did I turn away.  6  I gave My back to those who struck Me, and My cheeks to those who plucked out the beard, I did not hide My face from humiliation and spitting.

They ripped His beard out of His face and placed a crown of Euphorbia milii thorns which is a supple plant and easy to wind into a crown shape.  They forced the crown on His head and pressed it into His flesh.  This plant is poisonous.   They completely disfigured His face beyond human recognition.

Yeshayahu / Isaiah 52:14  As many were astonished at You – so the disfigurement beyond the sons of men –

Johanan / John 19

He was silent, can you imagine that.  I am sure He gasped for air that just did not seem to fill His lungs.  Blood pouring down His face and body, feeling the burning agonising pain searing into His being.  Skin loosely hanging  from His body, He looked at the women who were His followers, appalled  and shattered with His pain and appearance.

He was impaled on the stake, nailed through His hands and feet.  Whilst nailed to the stake, one cannot breath enough air into the lungs hanging by the hands and in order to get adequate oxygen to the lungs, you would have to push onto your feet to raise up and expand the lungs.  The pressure of pain in the feet causes you to then hang by your hands. This went on for approximately 6 hours.  I cannot imagine the pain of this constant movement.

YaHUShA was thirsty and said  “I thirst!”   They gave Him vinegar to drink but He spat it out.  A fulfillment of the Scripture …

Tehillim / Psalms 69:21  And they gave Me gall for my food, and for My thirst they gave Me vinegar to drink.

YaHUShA said Father forgive them for they know not what they do.  They cast lots for His garments.

Tehillim / Psalms 22:18  They divide My garments among them.  And for My raiment they cast lots.

The soldiers stood waiting all the time to see that He died and that no one took Him away.  All those who accused Him and hated Him were there to witness His death.  They still mocked Him and shouted at Him saying if You are God, get off the stake.  You have saved many, would You not save Yourself.

YaHUShA cried out to Abba Father,  “Father into Your hands I commit My spirit.”  He breathed His last.


He was named King of the Yehudim.

Yohanan / John 19:19  And Pilate wrote a title too, and put it on the stake, and it was written:  YaHUShA of NAZARETH,  THE SOVEREIGN OF THE YEHUDIM.

Written in Hebrew, in Greek, in Roman.   see verse 20 of Yohanan 19

He was the Cornerstone the builders rejected.
Tehillim / 118:22 The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner-stone.

Sadly, many still refuse Him and will not repent and give their lives up for Him in return. I pray that this has been an insight and a blessing to you.



Read Tehillim / Psalms 22    Yeshayahu / Isaiah 53


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photo:  How I would love to give the artist credit for this beautiful artwork, not only that but to know the person, that I may ask their approval for sharing this on the most Awesome Story Ever Prophesied and that it came to pass.  Praise YaHUShA for eternity !\O/

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