Update on the Dream 1986 January 7th END TIMES

I was praying tonight 21:00 hrs  and was reading Psalm 11 and a verse was revealed to me that I experienced exactly in my dream.

Psalm 11:4  YaHUaH is in His set-apart Hekal, The throne of YaHUaH is in the heavens.  His eyes see, His eyelids examine the sons of men.

I was on an upper level standing with the angel and I looked into the Throne Room and I saw YaHUaH and YahUShA on their Thrones and I saw the 24 elders.  I then saw the earth as in a circle on the floor of the Throne Room.  I saw Psalm 11:4.

Tonight I had a vision of that experience.   The Presence of The Ruach was in the room, so strong that I could not open my eyes.  I prayed for beloved and for people to come into the Kingdom of YaHUShA.

Praised and blessed be His Name YaHUShA




The Dream in 1986, 7th January END TIMES


Second update to the dream 1986, 7th January

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