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I am not a teacher, pastor, preacher, writer or a leader.  So these short blogs are merely notes of encouragement.  Please take everything I share to the scriptures to prove every matter correct.  I ask for your prayers that YaHUaH guide me in sharing important and simple devotions.

I experience a lot of information overload ie. articles!  Do you?  I so often get distracted, reading documents others find important.  I am often sent emails that have attached documents and articles that are so overdosed with information, discoveries and interests.  However we need to be discerning and good students with our time and do what is pleasing to Abba Father.  I like to study for myself.  There are a lot of very helpful notes that I read and gain so much insight.  Those who write these have a special gift.  When I read an article;  having peace and can understand it then I know it is written by a careful, Spirit led person.

These writings enrich your faith and cause you to grow in spiritual maturity.  The content of the subject must absolutely be in alignment and agreement with the Truth and the Word.  The Ruach HaKodesh (Set-Apart Spirit) will give you peace.  If I don’t have peace and find I am getting so overwhelmed, I stop reading the article.

2 Timothy 2:15 Do your utmost to present yourself approved to Elohim, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly handling the Word of Truth.

When you read the scriptures daily and pray, you will receive much insight from the Ruach (Spirit) and more than often you find yourself growing rapidly in understanding, knowledge and wisdom.  All you need is to read the wrong article to set yourself on some silly ‘rabbit trail’.

Shaul says present YOURSELF approved and not ‘the Books or articles you read’.  So make sure the material you are reading; supports the scriptures that you study.  When the information overwhelms you, don’t pressure yourself to continue reading – go back to the Word and the Truth.

In this secular world, we are literally suffering from ‘information overload’, take care not to fall into that trap in your studies.  I struggled with learning at school;  so I read what I understood perfectly and shelved the rest.  I can always re-visit the information.  You can research only what your brain can retain.

I found I was falling into condemnation not understanding what I was reading.  Again, if there is no understanding, the information is not for the present time.  I know some who are able to read books and documents week after week.  I think Abba knows each of us well enough and what we can attempt.  Be a good student.

Do your utmost … it says your  not  any other’s utmost

Have peace of mind, rest in His perfect Shalom!











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