Tekoa’s Books !

I would love to share and it is with great delight at that.  I have a very good set of books for you to source from amazon.com. I will post the link/links for them.  I have read her  Book “Polishing Jade” by Tekoa Manning  It is a fiction story set in the 1960’s.  I have read Polishing Jade as well as my husband. Neither of us could put this book down, I don’t think anyone can. There are quite a few reviews on the amazon link. I will give not a hint of the story, read it, it blessed us so much and very good for healing your spirit, soul and mind. It’s a kind of story that you never want to end.  I cried at the end and not shy to say either.  I will update and re-post on my blog for any new books.

Manning has also written  “Walter The Homeless Man” another fiction story.

“Blow a Trumpet in Tekoa”  An in depth look at The Feasts of Elohim.

“Thirsting for Water”  Devotions to Awaken The Spirit and Quench the Thirsty.

All of Tekoa’s Books are on the link below.  Be blessed and enjoy!



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