The messenger and the Roof




This is a true testimony and actually happened!

Some several years ago, while I was in my prayer closet, I was praying for a family who were going through some very hard trials.  After praying I waited on my Abba Father.  I then saw in a vision their house, their property and their walls and gates.  Then I saw the Blood of Yeshua pouring out and down upon the roof of their house and then covering the whole roof.  This was an areal vision.  Then the Blood went down the walls of the whole house, when the Blood reached the foundations the Blood then went on the ground, their garden and right up to their walls and their gates.

I asked what this meant and Abba said just call your friend and tell her of this vision.  I waited for a while, as I was wondering what this could be.  I was nervous to phone her as this was such a peculiar vision.  I wondered in my heart was it something very dangerous that was about to happen.  Maybe their lives were in danger, this was not easy for me.  So I got myself prepared and I went to call her on the telephone.  I had shared with her my experience and the vision I had of her whole family.  We agreed that she should pray about it and she would come back to me as she wanted to pray about the vision.

Time lapsed and I had completely forgotten about that vision and until two years later,  I received a call from her to come and visit her.  When I walked into the house, it looked like a building construction.  There were props from ground to first floor.  Everywhere I walked there were props. I asked what in the world is going on.  She said remember that vision you had, I had to ask her and she told me about the Blood on the roof, house and the property, I stood and looked at her and remembered it immediately.  She went on to tell me that their roof was collapsing in the middle.  I am sure many of you are all acquainted with the basic A frame structure of the roof trusses.  Well, the builder of the house did not check the carpentry of the trusses.  The carpenter did not install cross braces on the trusses. I went stone cold and felt His Awe come pouring down into my heart.  I was speechless for what seemed like five minutes.  You have to understand, when you tell someone something you know nothing of, you are not sure if you were wrong.  They had to get out of the house very soon.  The roof tiles are very heavy, to pick one tile up is quite something for a lady.  If only I could have taken a photo of the construction.  They had called in an engineer and he wanted them to pack clothes and leave.  This house had a ground floor and the first floor was wooden boards.  None of us can explain why these things happen,  we are not perfect.  How that roof held, is none other than a miracle from the Almighty.  Praises and all Glory and Honour to our Awesome Elohim.

I am so glad that I was obedient as I was quite unsure what to make of the vision.  We have to be obedient and I struggled with this, I hadn’t heard from her about the vision since.  I wondered at that time if I was wrong and missed the mark.  As I had mentioned, I had forgotten about the vision.

If you can pray, then you can be used of God to be a light to others.  Be available, obedient and ask Abba what He wants to tell you.


All you need to do is present yourself as you are.  I have also shared a dream My Dream in 1986, 7th January END TIMESyou will see that these are the last days we are living in.  Don’t leave your love relationship with YaHUShA Jesus, for another day.  You cannot make it on your own strength.  There is so little time left before these days come.


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