Psalm 34 My deliverance is Elohim

Sharing my testimonies is a privilege.  Abba Father loves us so much. He wants us to be able to encourage many who have gone through tests and trials.    He is a loving Father and cares for our every need.  Often our pain we endure whether emotional, spiritual or physical is a road less travelled.  The poor suffer, the orphans, the widows, the prisoners, the sick and the lonely.  Imagine being charged with a crime of which you did not commit, being imprisoned for 25 years; going through the terrible atrocities that are inflicted on individuals.  How many times have I seen this and when, they are exonerated and found innocent; they are so forgiving of the one who was responsible for being a false witness intentionally or unintentionally.  To loose 25 years of your life, to get integrated back into society and mostly to family.  Somehow they have the victory and come out more refined than when they were found falsely guilty.  It is something only God can heal, deliver and refine.  Blessed be Adonai!

So we feel in the same manner when we go through trials.  We come out with more strength, insight and power from the Set-Apart Spirit.  It’s only after the trial or the race we faced, that we reach our victory mark.

Psalm / Tehillim 147:3 He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.

I am writing this in excruciating pain in my body and as I am sharing this, I feel His Awesome gentle Presence.  He holds us with His right hand.  He will never let us suffer more than we are able to.  It is my prayer that those who are going through trials, are comforted and have the peace that passes all understanding.  That Abba give you the strength and surround you with love.  You are not alone He is with you and bottles every single tear that you cry.

Psalm / Tehillim 56:8  You have counted my wonderings; You put my tears into Your bottle;  Are they not in Your book?

Psalm / Tehillim 34:18 YaHUaH is near to the broken-hearted, and saves those whose spirit is crushed.

I want to uplift and encourage those who are giving in care and love to a loved one.  Although you feel helpless and tired, you are in every way appreciated in all you do. Words not spoken are never part of ungratefulness, but that your being there for them means feeling your empathy.  Never grow weary in doing good.

Galatians 6:9  And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not grow weary.

I will leave you with Psalm / Tehillim Number 34


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