A New Door in Faith – My husband Part II

That night I asked my Adonai who is this man? I had no answer. I guessed I had to wait for the three words missionaries, in the south and palm trees. The following Wednesday, I was trying not to stare at him like a child looking at a gift. The group was splitting into two homes. My heart sank hoping we would be in the same group. We were both in the same group, I was so thankful. The following week, I had enough courage to go and talk to Yonatan. Everyone was deep in conversation except the two of us. We introduced ourselves and while sipping on a cup of tea, we began a very simple conversation. Week after week, we had very basic conversation while having fellowship in the church coffee-room.
One day he asked if I would like to go to the beach and of course in a heartbeat I said yes. He bought us each an ice-cream. As we walked on the beach we spoke about the weather, as I had never experienced the winter weather in the Cape. I asked a few questions, he answered in great detail. After our discussion I had a well-informed knowledge of the winter weather. It happened to be July right in the heart of winter. It was raining very lightly and I was beginning to notice the north wind making me feel uncomfortable.
We had several outings and nothing was making sense. I asked Abba, is this possibly the husband you had kept for me. Again I had no answer, I had to stand in faith at that stage, as my three confirmations weren’t anywhere in mind.
One day while driving me back to my residence, Yonatan mentioned he did not want to have any relationships. I was very silent until we arrived at my home. I was left with a very heavy heart and I kept remembering those words, they had pierced very affirmatively through my mind. Yet again I asked my heavenly Father, enquiring what was happening to my three confirmations. The very next morning was Sunday and I went to church feeling very discouraged and deserted.  After the meeting, making a   myself a cup of coffee, I went outside to warm up in the sun, it was very cold, I had to get used to it. As I stepped outside, the sun burst its rays into my face, I had to wait for my eyes to adjust. Just then I heard a voice say hello, and after a few seconds, I saw someone who made a very strong statement the day before. Totally shocked, I said a quiet hello. Yonatan asked me, if I would like to go with him to visits his friends. He went on to say that they were missionaries and that they lived in Muizenburg. That was just about as far south as I have ever been in Cape Town. My heart jumped right out of my chest, trying to compose myself, I responded none the wiser, with not much interest, but it would be an outing for me. Thank you I said and he came to fetch me later. Upon arriving in Muizenburg I thought about the missionaries YaHUShA (Jesus) my King told me about. We were met with such a joy and so much to talk about since the experiences they had since the last visit. The men went to the sitting room laughing and chattering so loud, I couldn’t hear myself thinking. What was I thinking, well I traced back carefully to those three confirmations, missionaries, in the south and palm trees. Could it be these real words, coming to pass? While I started to spin in a frenzy of questions in my mind, the missionary’s wife said, “so how long have you been dating?” While drinking my tea and nearly spilling it, I answered “no, we are friends.” After what seemed to be a lifetime of visiting, catching up on their studies in the bible school, playing with their two-year old daughter Joy and just enjoying our meal, it was time to make our way home. When I was dropped off, I thought can this be possible? Not wanting to ask any more questions I left the day to fade into the sunset.
I had to move residence without notice and cutting the Lease by two months the owner was in the midst of selling his property. It would be my second move since I left ‘El Elyon.’ I found a lovely cottage to move to, Yonatan helped me move. I was thankful for the help which I needed very much. I had no one else to ask.
The property was a delightful group of cottages on open grass fields, my pets were all over the place, being fed sandwiches and any foods they could find from the surrounding cottages. One day, in distress, I sent a message to my friend Yonatan, telling him I had lost little Zoe my Brussels Griffon dog. After searching everywhere, I found her in the most very unlikely place, the bin room; she was eating out of the bins! She had befriended a yet another fluffy little run a round dog, which appeared to have found no care or love in the world. Nevertheless I was shocked and sent another message  to Yonatan sharing again, “guess where I found Zoe?” She was in the bin room eating rubbish with the adventurous company of this poor little lost dog, which by then, I had come to love so much. Well, that got him in hysterical laughter. He had called me back to say he was so pleased, but found my comment to be so incredibly humorous. Yonatan started to become much more intrigued with my company and more than anything, he fell in love with my little pug Meggy, who he was greeted by with very boistress and demanding behaviour at my previous residence.



My Zoe (front) and her brother Gromit



Picture 054

Our puggy Meggy


I was waiting for the palm trees, they just didn’t come. While walking the dogs, I said to myself, well it looks like my belief was being tested. James / YaAqob 1:2-3 My brothers, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the proving of your belief works endurance. Weeks later I had Meggy the pug puppy sterilised as there were too many dogs that seemed to be running amok in cottage land. A few days later when she was due to have the stitches removed, I arrived home to chaos, puggy had managed to find a lovely hole in the property fence, so I was no sooner back in the car, searching for my Meggy. I thought I may have lost her forever. A kilometer up the road, I was fortunate enough to find her. I was relieved and very thankful to my Abba Father for keeping her safe.

One afternoon I did not believe what was coming our way. We decided to make a commitment in our relationship. We were very blessed when we had crossed that road. It always was on my heart I had to get the full confirmation, the palm trees.
We had purchased a Biblical based book on Marriage Counsel, covering all the aspects of marriage covenant. It was a truly helpful introduction to our lives together as one. It laid the perfect scriptural foundation for our marriage.
The following year we were married at a venue called ‘The Palm House’ we found this place together, whilst searching for venues. We were married underneath palm trees. The palm trees had been confirmed. The Palm tree is a tree of righteousness.

Psalms / Tehillim 92:12 The righteous one flourishes like a palm tree

I actually found out that Yonatan means “God has given” in Hebrew. That was a well-chosen fictitious name as he was a chosen gift to me!

My husband told me he prayed for a wife who would need him!  I will write more on this testimony.  I pray this writing will be a blessing to you and that you will feel His love enfold your whole being!

I truly had to wait on God in all things,  He kept His promise!

All praise, glory and honour be to my Awesome Elohim !!




Our beloved family who were part of a prophetic plan of G-d!       My flower girl Joy!

In Loving Memory of


{A year later she passed from malaria}

I was broken, she was only 3yrs. I have removed the photos for privacy.


Photo:  Zoe and Gromit  by Dustin Buck

Photo:  Puggy Meggy  by  Yonatan

Photo:  Entrance The Palm House   Google Map

Photo:  Our wedding day  by Dustin Buck

Photo:  Our family, the missionaries  by  Dustin Buck

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