A New Door in Faith – My husband Part I

Just before the sun was ready to set, there was a beautiful hue spread before me across the African sky. I was still feeling the warmth enfold my whole being, when I was taken up by a sense that something very new was about to happen, I had no knowledge of being lead into an “Ancient Pathway” that would change my life forever. Drifting slowly in thought, I was taken into a quiet and peaceful moment. I heard the voice of Abba saying “you are going to move to Cape Town and will meet a man that I have chosen for you.” I asked Him how this could ever happen. After that I saw the words missionaries, in the south and palm trees. How was I going to leave for Cape Town, when I had to give notice, still having five months left of my Lease.
The following afternoon I heard distant voices talking. I looked through the very big sitting room window, I was amazed, I saw the landlord of the complex of houses I was staying in. I went out to see if I could have a moment to talk to him. I greeted him and with the word “favour” (Grace) in me, he turned to me and greeted me. I asked him if would it be possible to leave sooner, knowing how long the Lease was, he was quiet for a few moments, he agreed. I was very surprised with huge relief. The name of the complex houses was called “El Elyon.” It is a Hebrew word meaning God Most High. My El Elyon was so faithful and I was so peaceful.
Within three weeks I had moved to Cape Town. I needed a lot of space to adjust. Everything was strange to me in many ways. I had found a place to rent and signed the Lease. I had no idea how I was going to pay the rent, I had nothing to eat. I had bought food for my three dogs and two cats and had no more money left to live on. I ate legumes for 6 months, but through the favour of Abba He provided the money each month.
I met a lady in the shop one morning, where she came from I do not know, we were talking and she said to me “would you like to come to church the following Sunday,” I agreed and we met that morning, I have never seen her since. As I was driving past the grounds of the new established garden of the church, I noticed a man gazing at the row of newly planted trees. I thought to myself, he must be the Pastor, by the time I had parked my car, I looked for him, he was not there. I found out very quickly that he was not the Pastor. I went to the church every Sunday and I never saw him again for many weeks. So two months had passed and I had a visit by one of the ladies of the church. She came to encourage me and brought soup for that night. She asked me to come to her church group at her home on the following Wednesday evening. That cold Wednesday evening arrived all too slowly, as a lot of time had passed since I was with a group of friends. We arrived at her very homely dwelling and after a filling and delicious dinner, it was time for the church group to arrive. We began with our worship and bible study. After a few moments, a gentleman came walking in. He sat down right opposite me. I could not believe my eyes, he was the man who was in the church garden. I was sitting there, staring at him, instead of concentrating on the reading. I could not believe my eyes that night.   Continued …. Part II


El Elyon

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